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Australian terms of business

Terms and Conditions of Business 

In these terms and conditions the following words and phrases have the following meanings: -


A person whose professional and personal details are referred to the Client by the company


A company which is the holding company or a subsidiary company of the Client or one in the same group of companies of which the Client is a member or a partnership in which the Client (or if the Client be a partnership then one or more of its partners) is a partner


The organisation receiving Applicant Introductions for reasons of Engagement

"The Company"

Palm Mason Australia Pty Limited (ABN: 68 169 369 537) 


The employment, engagement or use of an Applicant by a Client or any Associate following an introduction in respect of such Applicant on a permanent or temporary basis. For the purposes of these terms and conditions this shall include the hiring of an applicant’s services on a self-employed basis, as a consultant, under any contract of service or for services, franchise, partnership agreement, agency or other engagement and “engage” shall be constructed accordingly


The fee payable by a Client to the Company following an Engagement as set out in paragraph 3 below


Means the passing to from the Company to the client of an Applicant’s details

"Start Date"

The date of commencement of an Applicant’s Engagement


The Terms and Conditions contained in this agreement 

  1. All business undertaken by the Company is subject to these terms and the client is deemed to have accepted such terms upon the arrangement of an interview (either in person, telephonically or virtually), Skills Test or Assessment of an Applicant. These terms constitute the entire agreement between the parties unless otherwise agreed in writing. 
  2. On an Engagement the Client will pay the Fee on the terms of clause 3 below.
  3. If a permanent Engagement is made within twelve months of an Introduction the Fee will be 20% of the gross annual taxable remuneration of the Applicant including guaranteed bonus, commission and any other benefit but excluding any allowances for education, mortgage subsidy, housing costs, transport, insurance, stock options and bonuses other than those mentioned above. If a temporary Engagement is made within twelve months of an introduction the fee will be 20% mark-up of the Applicant’s total fee during the agreed term. In the event of a temporary engagement moving into a permanent position a 20% charge on total basic gross annual salary and any guaranteed bonus will be charged. All accounts must be paid within 30 days of the date of invoice as to which time shall be of the essence. Overdue accounts will be charged interest at 3% above the base rate of National Australia Bank in force from time to time from date of invoice to date of actual payment (whether before or after judgment).
  4. With regards to the fee set out in paragraph 3 above, the Client agrees to; 
    1. Notify the Company immediately of the terms of any offer of an engagement which it makes to an Applicant; and 
    2. Notify the Company immediately as soon as any offer of engagement made to an Applicant is accepted and provide the Company with details as to the remuneration agreed with the Applicant, along with any documentary evidence requested by the Company 
  5. Introductions are given in the strictest confidence which the Client shall maintain at all times. Accordingly, the Fee shall also become payable by the Client if the Client directly or indirectly introduces an Applicant to another person, firm, company, agency, entity or organisation within 12 months of the date of introduction or if any information passed directly or indirectly by the Client to a third party results in an Engagement by that third party or the use of an Applicant whether temporary or permanent by that third party.
  6. If the Engagement is terminated in such that the employment comes to an end within one calendar month of the Start Date the Company will work exclusively on a replacement assignment or the Fee will be rebated (by way of credit note) or the fee be waived if payment has not been made, provided always that;
    1. The Client notifies the Company of the termination of the Engagement in writing within 7 days however arising and time to be of the essence);
    2. The termination of the Engagement is not due to redundancy (as defined in the Employment Protection (Consolidation) Act 1979, restructuring, economic circumstances or client closure. 
    3. The Fee has been paid in full within 30 days of the date of invoice, unless that period has not expired;
    4. The amount of the Fee in respect of such Applicant has not been agreed on terms less favourable to the Company than provided herein
  7. Should the Client reemploy or otherwise engage the services of an applicant within 12 months of the termination date any rebate allowed by the Company shall be immediately be refactored to the company. 
  8. No rebate will be offered in respect of an engagement where the Applicant was previously engaged by the Client as a temporary, freelance or contract worker following an Introduction.
  9. The Company reserves the right to refuse a rebate where the Client has made an Engagement with the prior intention of dispensing with the Applicant's services or otherwise terminating the Engagement either without proper cause or with the intention of obtaining a rebate.
  10. The Company endeavors to ensure the integrity and suitability of each Applicant however, The Client is ultimately responsible for  satisfying itself as to the suitability of the Applicant prior to Engagement. The Client is responsible for obtaining work permits and other permits and for arranging medical examinations and/or investigations into the medical history of the Applicant and for satisfying any medical and other requirements or qualifications required by law.
  11. Neither the Company nor its staff shall be responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the Client resulting from an Introduction.
  12. The Client undertakes to notify the Company in the event of the Client considering for interview a person other than an applicant introduced by the Company.
  13. In the case of duplicate Introductions (whereby the client receives an Applicant’s details from multiple sources). The Client agrees to pay a fee (set out in clause 3), to the Company on condition that the Company can provide an Applicants prior consent to be Introduced to the Client.
  14. In any case where the Client engages the Company to seek applicants for a position on the basis that the Engagement is exclusive for a period, then during such period the Client shall not engage the services of other recruitment consultants or make its own efforts (other than internally as regards its existing employees) to recruit applicants without the Company's written consent.
  15. The Company makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the suitability of any Applicant. 
  16. These terms and conditions may only be varied in writing by a Director of the Company.
  17. The Client accepts that all information relating to an applicant is confidential, that it is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998 (the “DPA”), and that it is provided only for the purpose of providing work finding services to the Client. The information provided must not be used for any other purpose nor divulged to any third party and the Client undertakes to abide by the provision of the DPA in receiving and processing such data. In addition any information relating to the Company which is capable of being confidential must be kept confidential and must not be divulged to any third party, except information which is in the public domain.
  18. In the event of a dispute the parties agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that Country/State and all terms and conditions shall be construed by reference to Australian law.