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40 People leading Finance Tech around the world

Posted on 2/07/2015 by


There’s a new dawn breaking in finance.

That’s the hope that’s fueling the groundswell of interest in financial technology, with companies being founded almost daily that aim to overhaul the way financial institutions and their clients operate.

Perhaps with an eye to how other sectors have been shaken to their foundations by technology, big financial firms are taking a closer look at these upstarts, increasingly turning to start-ups to resolve regulatory requirements, security concerns, big data conundrums and rapidly changing customer demands.

With this backdrop, today Financial News launches its first FinTech 40 power list that highlights the key people in the sector. Use the graphic to navigate around our shortlist, and click on each candidate to find out more about how they made the list.

For the full in-depth list click hereAll decisions were made by the Financial News editors and reporters.

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