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Case Studies


Palm Mason India is based in the historical pearl and diamond trading centre of Hyderabad. Under the leadership of Seshadri Vengala and Venu Gottupulla they continue to dominate the recruiting landscape across India. 


Palm Mason India was engaged by a Tier 1 US Based investment bank to find niche skills across a variety of levels eg C++ / Java / Python developers up tAVP’s and VP’s 


The Client was conducting Recruitment drives to close the positions and the major challenge was poor turnout of candidates attending the drives and also for the candidates selected from the drives there was a huge offer dropouts.


Palm Mason advised the client not to go on mass drives as there would be a huge junk of candidates attending the drives and suggested them to close the positions in Business As Usual model.

The client had accepted the suggestion and at the end of the drive  with our extensive financial services network, we identified the ideal candidates and  successfully closed the maximum number of positions with minimal drop outs.


The client, a large Technology outsourcing provider had multiple resource needs and they had few successes from various other vendors they previously engaged with and this had lead to a negative impact on their core Business for lack of proper resources and time involved in hiring the resources.


Palm Mason India initially started working on a very few requirements to closure thereby leading to hiring more resources in the shortest span.

After going through our Team commitment and dedication, the client started engaging Palm Mason India on an exclusive basis for some of their requirements subsequently spreading to the Business Units as well. We now had close to 50+ associates across skills and levels for multiple projects in a span of 1 year and have been engaged as their implementation partner. 


Palm Mason group was engaged by a tier 1 UK Based investment bank  particularly for the Senior level roles for various business units internally (Including Equities, Commodities, Wealth, Retail and others)


The roles were open for long time with our Client and the major challenge was poor turnout of candidates at the time of Interviews.

The conversion ratio was also a frustration for our clients as it was 20:1 and from the 1 in 20 candidates that were selected they then were facing a number rejections due to poor candidate management from other recruitment firms.


Palm Mason India asked the client to give the initial mandate as a test for which they gave 2 roles initially and with our extensive financial services network Globally , we identified right candidates  and  have successfully closed their positions in a very short timeframe

We have now been their leading vendor for the last 2 years +