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Case Studies


Palm Mason's head office in London office is based in the business hub of Canary Wharf. Under the leadership of Joseph Stallman our EMEA Sales Director the office coverage is focused on clients in the following areas.

  • London
  • Europe
  • UAE


Palm Mason Group were engaged by this leading general insurer to supply contract resources for the largest divestment and technology transformation programme in Europe at the time. 


Due to the complexity of the legacy infrastructure combined with the new company direction, technical SME’s from the financial services sector with a blend of experience across wide ranging legacy and modern technologies were required to ensure a smooth and successful technology separation.


Palm Mason leveraged our network within the financial services sector and our experience to technically screen and supply 52 contract resources ranging from Programme Managers to Test Analysts that provided the technical expertise required to ensure success of this huge IT transformation programme.


Palm Mason were approached by a top European Investment Banking to assist in the resourcing for a Trade Booking Messaging Engineer for the London office. The Messaging group at the bank had recently and successfully used Palm Mason in New York City for a similar role, resulting in the hire of a technical lead for the team. 


Trade Booking Messaging Systems are very technical, and the engineers responsible for building and operating the systems possess a very niche skill set. An initial search of our network suggested that just a handful of individuals in the London market met the technical requirements for the role, when combined with the desired level of experience.


We approached this role with two very specific goals in mind – the first and most important, was to source a relevant candidate who would be hired into the firm; and the second, was to collect as much information about the candidate pool as possible.

We spoke with all but one of the candidates we identified, and asked consistent questions in order to provide an accurate overview of the marketplace with the recruiting manager. The details we shared included salary information regarding candidates at competitor firms, diversity information, notice periods, average tenure, perception of the brand strength of the recruiting bank and how the role was received during our outreach period.

We submitted three profiles for consideration, and all three were selected for face to face interviews. Two candidates progressed to further interviews and one was offered the position. Based on the market intelligence we sourced during the process, the bank were able to formulate an offer that was appropriate when considering both the internal peer and benchmarking data, as well as the external market.


Due to our strong reputation and niche supplier status within the Airline Industry, we were invited to join the tender process for a place on the new preferred list of suppliers for a luxury Airline in the Middle East. This Airline are involved in the construction of a cutting edge airport and in the development of a new and very innovative loyalty platform.

We were successful in our bid and following a period of partnership between our businesses, we were selected to handle the resourcing for a large and very impactful collection of roles on an exclusive basis.


We were engaged on multiple roles across a wide number of Airline and Commercial disciplines. Each role was diverse and required a deep understanding of the position, the environment in which the role would operate and a clear understanding of the expectations for each successful candidate.

The breadth of the positions, combined with the fact that very few relevant candidates were already domiciled in the Middle East, meant that we were needing to cover a truly global market place for each role.


The career opportunities on offer with this company are incredible, and yet, getting commitment from a prospective candidate to move to the region always proved challenging. We increased the size of our Airline IT and Operations division in London, so with the increasing volumes, we were able to maintain the highest possible service levels to the client. From a candidate perspective, we worked hard to become experts in recruiting into the United Arab Emirates, and the mechanics of relocating into the region. We can accurately and clearly explain the regional nuances around accommodation, contracts, compensation and employment laws. We leveraged a network of over 15,000 Airline Industry SME’s to find a number of suitable candidates for each vacancy. The applicants were located all over the globe, so each interview process ran across multiple time-zones and involved calls, video conference interviews and face to face meetings. Attention to detail in the organisation of these meetings was paramount and in addition to successfully filling the roles, our efficacy during the interview process was commended.